Subject: Re: Pets on Flights
Hi to all,

Because Sunny weights 38#, she, unfortunately, flies under the aircraft. But, and this may be different when you have a pup that will fit under the seat, she has never been part of our luggage. Because she has to buy a ticket, she is excess baggage and not part of our baggage allowance. I think you'll be paying for your pup to fly with you. There was a dog under the seat beside us when we can back from CA this year, but I can't remember if the lady had anything other than her purse and the pooch. Sorry!

Cross your fingers and check with your airline. Fingers crossed that you get somebody that actually knows. I've occasionally called the folks in freight with questions when we take Sunny as sometimes the people in reservations don't have a clue when it comes to very important pets travelling with their humans.

Very best wishes,