Subject: Re: France itinerary
Hi Nancy,

Our family went to France and Italy last year and drove around a fair bit.

If you haven't already done so, I would get on to one of the map sites on the Internet that allows you to put in your itinerary and check how long each leg of the journey will take. You can then decide if that is too much driving.

What we tried to do was spend at least 2 nights in each place that we wanted to visit. This meant that we had at least one full day to see everything in that area.

As for "must sees" I would suggest Mont St Michel on the coast near Normandy. I didn't have it on my list, but my wife insisted we go and it was fantastic. If you are driving there from Paris, you could stop at Monet's garden which was also a highlight.

We also spent a great day seeing a couple of Chateaus in the Loire valley.

As someone else said, if you are in France, you can't go wrong.

Have a great time.

Peter Quiggin Canberra Australia