Subject: London entertainment question
hi cheri: the tickets are definitely not cheaper to buy closer to the date of production. once i used a ticket agent online and although it was convenient, i felt that the premium that they charged was not worth it. a friend who is taking her fourteen year old daughter to london for their first trip took my advice, did some research, and telephoned the box office directly. she was able to talk to someone who gave her advice about best seats available for specific dates. she purchased tix for the lion king and thanked me for the good advice.

there is a reduced price box office for tix available for day of the performance but who wants to stand on line when you could be strolling along the thames.

when i visit london i usually see atleast five or six plays in less than a week. i suppose that this would not work for you if for some reason you had to cancel your trip. you may use your visa card and that visa card is your i.d. when you want to claim your tix at the box office. i always pick up my tickets perhaps a day before the performance to be sure that there are no misunderstands. if you are only seeing one show, you could telephone the box office after you arrive in london just to confirm once again that the tickets are there. then you could claim them an hour before the performance.

enjoy your visit!!! bettina from jerusalem