Subject: Re: Paris dilemma
Hi, Pat... For such a short time, you may want to take L'Open Tour. You can get 1 or 2 day passes, and it will take you to all the main sights in Paris. The tour is hop on, hop off, so you're free to walk around all the areas. We did that just to orient ourselves and then took public transportation. However, if we were there for a short time, that's what we would do. One day is 24 euros, and a ticket for 2 days is 26 euros, so that might be your best bet. You can buy the ticket right on the bus, and you will see them everywhere. There's a photo of the bus on the website.

One of the stops is Les Invalides, and that's right next door to Rodin's home... that's a must see, in my book.

Best regards, Sandy in Illinois