Subject: Re: Paris dilemma
Hi, If I were you I would try to refresh whatever knowledge I have of Paris reading one of the many good travel books available and to set my own priorities. A book I like about Paris is "Paris, an inspired anthology and travel resource by Barrie Kerper". However if you are short of time the 10 most important things to do in Paris that Frommer recommends might do. It is simple, but to the point.

I am not familiar with the city tour you mentioned, an alternative might be a " bateau- mouche". They are so Parisian! and it is beautiful to see the city from the river.

A good idea might be a nighttime ride when many of the riverside monuments and buildings are illuminated. It's a romantic and breathtaking spectacle.

I have found out as millions have, that in Paris simply sitting in a cafe's terrace is an unforgettable experience. The Left Bank seems the right place, may be Les Deux Magots, facing the Church of St Germain?... or any other nice cafe.

I would go strolling around Notre Dame in the Ille de la Cite and of course visit the Cathedral.

Walking in the Tuileries seems a must, soaking in the view of the Champs Ellysees on the side close to the Place de la Concorde and then walking towards the Louvre at the other end.

During week-ends you will be delighted with Parisians enjoying the gardens and their fountains.

If you are able to avoid long waiting lines,(getting early in the morning or late in the afternoon might be enough), I would certainly visit the Louvre. Due to the short time available once inside I would choose to focus on only a couple of things.

On Sunday morning try to visit Le Marais. a nice place for Sunday lunch is nearby" Les bar a huitres." a good brasserie, favored by locals. (33 Bd Beaumachais)

In Paris there are tons of fantastic restaurants, to get the feeling of a famous restaurant not ultra expensive, how about The Closerie des Lillas?, you can choose between the brasserie at your left or the restaurant at your right..

I' m sure you shall get more and better advice from other Ziners nevertheless I hope this helps a little.

Bon voyage. Graziella, Miami Beach