Subject: Transport from CDG to Giverny

I did the same route last summer, but I was driving my car. Why don't you rent your car out of CDG? You can save yourself a lot of time hopping on and off trains, bus etc. The airport is right on the outer motorway ring, and directions to the west are clearly marked. The traffic can be heavy, but you just stay in the center lanes and drive ahead without caring about the crazy speeders. Further, I'm not sure you can rent a car in Giverny, it's such a small town... The route to Honfleur is easy but you need to cross almost one toll bridge, and another one going down the coast towards Brittany. I found all of France easy to navigate even without a map, but if you wish to do the backroads, I suggest the wonderful Michelin Road Atlas (scale 1:200,000). It costs about 25 euro but it's perfect for finding your way around. Have a nice trip

Paolo Trieste, Italy