Subject: Re: Transport from CDG to Giverny
Hi Ann, I agree that you should go ahead and rent the car at the airport. Driving from the airport to Giverny is quite easy and you can do it without going through Paris (we did this in reverse a couple of months ago). If I have time tonight I'll look at my map and give you the city names to head in the direction of. Renting a car in Giverny would probably be impossible...they didn't even have an ATM in Giverny! It's tiny!

Do expect lots of crowds at Monet's house & garden. We stayed the night in Giverny and got there just as it opened. When we left, less than an hour later, the line was down the block! It was probably the most crowded place we visited and to be honest it was a little disappointing. It would be nice if they limited the number of people that were allowed in at one time (perhaps they already do?) I could have skipped the visit to the house - again, too crowded to appreciate and not narrated or signed well. The gardens though were beautiful and we enjoyed walking around Giverny itself.

As for Mt St Michel - try to get in an evening visit. We visited in the afternoon with all the crowds and then returned later to watch the sunset. All the junky souvenier shops were closed and the tour buses were gone...we practically had the place to ourselves and it was so peaceful and beautiful. (Of course, the Abbey will be closed at this time but you are free to explore the island.)

Enjoy your trip! Jennie in Atlanta