Subject: Re: Boston and Cape Cod
Hi Travelers:

September has traditionally been the best time to visit Cape Cod if weather is a concern. The days tend to be warm while the nights are cool enough to merit the down comforter. There are fewer tourists then and the number of children declines dramatically with the onslaught of school attendance requirements. There is some turning of the foliage, but not enough to dampen summer interests. Traffic, which in July and August can be brutal, abates somewhat, but you still have to time your travels, e.g., Friday evenings and Sunday afternoon approaches to the Sagamore and Bourne bridges can be replete with road rage (bring a good book). Shopkeepers who often seemed to have learned their trade in Paris can be downright friendly and discounts are readily found as the summer season wanes.

If July and August are more to your liking, then Cape Cod is bustling with activity. July is more blue collar while August is populated by the banking, investment community and "old boy" crowd. Band concerts are a wonderful take: Chatham's Friday night is usually packed, but the concert is excellent. Brewster holds its concert on Sunday evenings from 6 to 7:30 p.m. and it is more laid back. We prefer the latter for we can bring the appropriate comestibles and potables (wine) without fear of regulations about imbibing on public property (the various department heads of the town have been known to enjoy a brew or two there). Buy a portable chair or two for they can be used anywhere.

South of Route 6, the Mid-Cape Highway, tends to be more commercial. North of it is more pristine. Provincetown is a place unto itself. We often go there when it rains (a mistake for everyone does that and the traffic is a crush), but in better weather with the top down on the old Saab, it is an eclectic adventure. Mind you, you have to be tolerant of alternative life styles, but if your mind is open P-Town can be a great place to be a voyeur. The dune rides there are great fun; we have often taken friends from Europe on those rides.

I suspect the question should be "what do I want to do on Cape Cod?" The answer will range from romantic interlude to clambakes. Cape Cod is a mixture of styles, so plan ahead.

Tom in Carlisle at the moment, but who was in Chatham (Cape Cod) at 4:55 a.m. this morning.