Subject: Re: France itinerary
Hello Ziners,

Thanks to all who have responded with advice about France. Yes, I see now that I was being too ambitious, and have cut back considerably. Wherever you go, you always find unexpected places that you would like to fit in, but your schedule is already full. This time, for a change, I'm going to 'under-plan' and leave ourselves the flexibility to take side trips that look interesting, or spend a little longer than expected in one place.

I'll definitely take the advice to spend 2-3 days in one place so that we don't have to pack up every day. Especially now that we find that we can't go until after Oct. 31. The hours that things are open are a lot shorter then. We might even wait until April, but we are still discussing it.

I have also suggested the alternative destination of Provence-Languedoc, so we have a lot to work out.

Still open to suggestions, Nancy Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada