Subject: Re: Transport from CDG to Giverny
Hi Ann,

We took the train to Giverny last spring. It is an easy trip from Paris by train. The ticket agent will give you a sheet outlining train and shuttle bus times.

Some tips though: you can take the shuttle bus or a taxi. Look for the sign right outside the station that says something like Tete...this is where the taxis stop. We beat the crowd from our train there. We did take the bus back. It leaves from the parking lot at the outskirts at Giverny - there is a sign.

If you are travelling on a weekend or a busy train, you might make a seat reservation. There is a small charge (a couple of Euros) but it is worth it. We did not have seat reservations and we had to stand all the way from Giverny to Paris. (The train is a main line train from the coast.)

The American Museum at Giverny has a lovely outdoor cafe. Quieter too!

Frances Toronto (in Tremblant today!)