Subject: Re: Portugal in September/October

We spent a wonderful couple of weeks in Portugal a few years ago.

Although people had warned me about the driving there, I found no problem. I don't think that is really too different from many other places in Europe. The back country roads and not so wonderful, but when you are on the holiday, who cares! The highways are good, and the toll road are just great. I would have no hesitation driving there. Just remember, that local driving is probably different from what you are used to at home, so just take it easy.

We picked up a car from Lisbon airport, and did a big circle, from Odibos and northwards towards the Spanish border, and then back down through the center of the country through Evora and back to Lisbon. We dropped off the car, and then spent a few days in Lisbon. We didn't get to the south at all - we just ran out of time in the north.

Other than the first night in Obidos (because we were arrived late in the afternoon), and the hotel in Lisbon, we did not make any advance bookings. We just took pot luck - always found the local tourist office most helpful. The only place we had any problem finding accommodation was in Evora, but that worked out OK in the end.

A wonderful country, especially if you enjoy wine. One of the most memorable meals was in a little village - I don't remember where - where we served roast kid. We have fond memories of very pleasant and helpful people, wonderful meals at unbelievable prices, and the wine!

Enjoy! Keith & Tamar, sweltering in Israel