Subject: Re: France itinerary - Normandy
Hi Nancy,

If you're going to be in Normandy, (and if not already mentioned by a Ziner), please consider going to see the Bayeux Tapestry in Bayeux. It's the most amazing tapestry that we've ever seen (of this type). It depicts the story of the Norman conquest of England and there is a complete reproduction which you'll see. This tapestry was used as a cover (??) I think, but has survived and the colors of the yarns are brilliant, still. It is just so impressive. I believe that it was thought to be embroidered by Nuns in England.

We saw it years ago in May one year - without too many others so we could really get a good "look-see."

I do hope you'll consider this. (Bayeux is not too far from the lovely fishing village of Honfleur on the Coast - wonderful mussels, if you're near there for lunch - and worth a photo-op!)

Have a great trip whatever you do. Regards, Susie Newton, MA