Subject: Re: Paris dilemma
Hi Pat,

What a wonderful dilemma you have :) As always it will depend on your personal interests (I have just taken Linda's advice in her reply to you to read their Paris travelogue and have just looked up and realised how much time has passed while I was absorbed in their travels!)

The evening tour you have booked will certainly show you the City of Lights which will be lovely. But as others have suggested I would recommend a Seine cruise. I did it twice - once by day and once by night. For convenience you can pick one up from just near the Eiffel Tower and take the opportunity to ascend the Tower while you are there?

If you have used the tube before in London or Rome then you will be an expert on the Metro in Paris. If not, take a few minutes to figure it out and it will get you conveniently to pretty much everywhere you need to go.

I think Versailles is not a good idea with limited time - it's a full day adventure and the experience would certainly suffer if you are rushed.

I'll leave the food recommendations to Linda & Don and their travelogue but some experiences that you may enjoy: Musee D'Orsay - their Impressionist paintings are wonderful; Musee Marmottan for its wonderful Monet collection; Climbing the Arc D'Triomphe to be in the middle of the vehicle chaos that is that roundabout, plus the wonderful views, and the structure itself; Crepes! - I had them for dinner from a street stand in Rue Cler, and from a window servery on Isle de Cite (ate them down by the Seine and people watched!) (I can highly recommend the lemon& sugar, and the apple puree)

I did not get the opportunity but I believe there are some wonderful markets to experience on weekends in Paris - I think Jack has many recommendations in his web site Megan Brisbane, Australia