Subject: Re: Lyon area questions
Hi Peter I'd suggest you get a Michelin map. They're really, very good. Also, check out the Michelin guidebooks (get a copy from the library, they are pricey and heavy to carry) because Lyon has an interesting maze of inner paths from obscure doorways. They are very old - created during the Middle Ages, I think, by the merchants who transferred their dry goods (mostly fabric) from place to place to avoid the tax man. They became very important during the Nazi Occupation when the French Underground used them to avoid the Germans.

Lyon is the centre of French cooking and I'd also suggest sousing out some cookbooks and restaurant suggestions on the web - too numerous to mention here - but I remember that Robuchon is one of the great chefs from the area.

We did the opposite direction you are suggesting - from Switzerland into France. Stopped at Chamonix and thoroughly enjoyed the stay. We drove around, and into, Lyon with no problem. We even had no problem parking the car. Maybe, we were just lucky.

You will have great culinary experiences, even if you only eat bread and cheese.

Lucy from Toronto