Subject: Re: Paris dilemma -- street markets
Hi Pat and Ziners everywhere --

If you want to experience a typical, but really terrific, Paris street market, may I suggest the one in my neighborhood. It's Thursday and Saturday mornings (til 1 p.m.) along Avenue de Saxe, where it intersects with Avenue de Breteuil in the 15th arrondisement (district).

It's easy to get there by Metro: Take the 6 line to Sevres-Lecourbe station and it's a short walk away. As you leave the station at ground level, turn left and cross Blvd. Garibaldi, pass the bank on the corner and then turn left on Ave. de Breteuil (there's a park on your right). Just walk up Ave. de Breteuil till you see the market off to the left at the traffic circle, which is Place de Breteuil.

The market has fresh produce, meats, poultry (warning: you may see some animals, such as rabbits that have just been slaughtered; not a sight usually found in the US!), cheeses, pastas, household goods, carpets, clothes -- you name it -- and you will see the Eiffel Tour just down the street.

Bons voyages! Evan in Paris