Subject: Re: Normandy area
Hello Anne,

I finally found the hotel my son and I stayed in on Mont St. Michel - it was the same that Anne from VA recommends Auberge Saint Pierre. I don't remember the cost but I found it reasonable with dinner and breakfast included. One night on the island is perfect.

We didn't rent a car and my son was "big" on following the WWII footsteps. We flew into London and took the train south in order to take British Ferry across. You arrive pretty close to Caen and we took a taxi and spent the night there in order to visit the Peace museum.

We then went and stayed a couple nights in Bayeaux and viewed the tapestry (which is very interesting). I would recommend a small tour operator in Bayeaux called "Bus Fly Tours". We took an all day Normandy trip with them and visited the beaches, cemetaries, bunkers and various points of interest. They were really small - only 6 of us and we were fortunate to have an American veteran on board which was his first trip back since D-day. He had pictures and a letter from the president and our tour guide (a very young frenchman) went out of his way to show him the places he wanted to remember. It was particularly difficult on Omaha Beach since it is completely different but we went further down the beach so he could find the spot that he remembered. For me of particular note was outside of Utah Beach there was a little van which served food. This was prepared and sold by a family. Our guide told the Mom (who was the cook) that we had an actual veteran in our group and she came out of the trailer to shake his hand and thank him. It was very moving.

Anyway, all this to say we also hitched a ride with them "Bus Fly" to Mont St. Michele. There were only 4 of us on the trip but we went from Bayeaux to Mont St. Michele and we just stopped there and entered our hotel. It was convenient for us without a car.

We then took a bus from Mont St. Michele which was extremely comfortable to Rennes where we caught a train for Paris.

Good Luck with your trip - as many ziners say - you can't go wrong in France.

Kathy in PA