Subject: Re: Self drive Barge in France
Hi Barbara:

We have hired barges on the Canal du Midi and the Carmarque area. I suggest starting at .

Coincidently, I was speaking with a friend yesterday who has barged with us as he was dining on barge on the Canal du Midi. The last company we used was Crown Blue Lines, but there are others. The first time we rented a barge we hired a 30 foot model that claimed to have slept 8. Thank the gods that there were only four of us. The last time we hired a 42 foot barge that claimed to sleep twelve; it was perfect for 8. Take the bicycles if offered; they are a good way to explore the countryside and you can easily outpace the barge. If you decide to go, then get the cruising guide for the area in which you wish to visit. It makes life a great deal easier when you plan ahead. Finally, remember that the best you can do in the barge is 9 knots, so you are not going anywhere fast. We have had great fun barging in France and plan to do it again.

Tom in Chatham at the moment.