Subject: O'Hare Airport woes - United Air Lines
Hi Ziners,

We had a dismaying experience at the O'Hare Airport two days ago. We were with a group connecting from a foreign airline to United in Chicago, and the foreign carrier did not, or could not, issue boarding passes for the last leg of our flight. After going through customs you re-check your bags to your final destination, and get your boarding passes. HOWEVER, a woman in a red uniform was directing traffic, having her people grab bags off our trolleys and sending people out the door with no boarding passes. It was chaos. She would NOT allow passengers to go up to the transfer counter to re-check their bags and get their BP's. Some of our group who had slipped by her, had them and were able to go straight to the boarding gate, but the others had to go upstairs and figure out which lengthy line to get in. There was no one to ask. Of course you couldn't go to the gate without the BP. You should have seen the nightmare trying to get those BP's. We almost missed our flight. We saw so many angry people and heard so many remarks - "This airline deserves to go broke." "United has messed us around for 3 hours and now we've missed our flight" etc. I was told the people in red uniforms are not UA employees, but I don't know who they are.

A few months ago we took a United to United flight to South America. I thought they were wonderful. No glitches, great connections, courtesy all the way.