Subject: Re: Caravan Rental in Australia
Hi Mary,

Maui and Britz is the same company I believe. At least they were in the same fenced in place in Sydney not far from the airport. Anyway I used Britz last September because they were the cheapest and used fairly newer model cars. My biggest hangup was the "Excess Reduction" thing. Before I left that was my biggest hangup because if I didn't pay the extra for that then the website read like I had to let me charge my credit card $2000 and then they would credit that back when I returned the vehicle. After I talked to the Syndey office they told my that they just run an imprint of your credit card but don't actually run it through. Good, because I don't have $2000aud laying around. Well, went to pick up the car any they actually did a "authorization" for $2000. This change in what I was told ruined my whole trip and caused me to worry about not having enough money. I knew that the authorization is usually only good for a week or so but it still pissed me off. I rented the car for 19 days to drive from Sydney to Perth. I ate a lot of takeaway food until I got to Kalgoorlie.

Just wanted to make sure you knew about all that. Paul