Subject: Nostalgic trips
Hi Ziners,

I have just spent a couple of days in Montreal where I grew up and where my parents still live. Usually I spend time visiting family and not the city. This time we set aside time to see the city.

Montreal has risen like a phoenix - and I am so glad to see it. I was also pleased to see that some things I remember are still there.

Warshaw's on St. Lawrence where I used to buy cheap groceries is gone. Now there are trendy restaurants and boutiques. But on the corner of St. Lawrence and Sherbrooke streets an interesting cement apartment building with wonderful curvy balconies is undergoing renovation. I used to pass the building everyday when I took the bus to my first job at the university library (more than 35 years ago - yikes!)

We tried to find the one-time location of our favorite Chinese restaurant in Chinatown. The building has been replaced by housing but the area still bustles with locals and tourists.

I was amazed at the changes around Ben's Restaurant, famous for smoked meat and late night celebrity spotting. It used to be on a slightly seedy side street. The restaurant location is still the same and it itself doesn't look like it has changed at all but it is now surrounded by office towers and shops. We weren't hungry when we walked by so I can't tell you about the smoked meat sandwiches!

Tell us about a time when you went home - your home town, college town, somewhere where that resonates for you.

Frances Toronto, Canada