Subject: Re: gift suggestions needed
Hi Pat,

Everybody loves Krispy Kremes, and they don't have them in Europe. Of course they are the best when they are warm, yum.

More Ideas for the foodie: Salsa, a string of dried chilies, See's Chocolate (the best IMHO), Mexican/Southwestern foods and spices, Pluots(a cross between apricot and plum)from California, Maytag Blue Cheese.

Even more: a pair of Levi Jeans, Sweatshirts from Universities (like your local college/University),mementos from local museums, some seeds from your local nursery, and local wines/coffees/spices/specialties. Rocks, sticks, and dirt can be very interesting for a gardener as well.

The minute I send this I will have brilliant ideas, doesn't it always happen this way?

Amelia In Los Angeles