Subject: Re: need help with London
Hi Evelyn:

Let me second Carol Bailey's advice about the bus. Many years ago I used to diss bus tours until I met a fellow who was straight out of the Soprano's. He and I were having lunch, I told him I was going to Montreal with my wife, he told me take the bus tour. I was surprised for I thought that only plaid wearing tourists with white socks did that sort of thing. He "suggested" that it would be a good idea to take the bus. We did. It was great. It gave us a grand overview and allowed us to navigate on our own the next few days.

The same thing happened on my first visit to London many years ago. The client with whom I was traveling insisted that we take the tour; he knew London, but I did not. What an incredible time saver. We quickly learned what was where and got a good idea of what we could accomplish in a day.

If you have the time, do it.

Tom in Carlisle.