Subject: Re: gift suggestions needed
Hi Everyone:

We had a similar problem when my husband went to visit my son while he was studying abroad. We wanted to take something to the woman with whom he boarded. She was elderly and our son didn't supply much feed back, but she seemed interested in his home state (Michigan) so we tried to send things that sort of said Michigan - tea towel with Michigan light houses, a mug with the state shape, cookie cutter with state shape and some note cards with paintings of some natural areas etc. My son and husband said she seemed genuinely pleased especially with the tea towel and talking about the lighthouses they used the map on the mug to show where they were.

A friend of mine took small zippered tote bags from L L Bean to people they were visiting in Finland. When my daughter was studying abroad and my husband visited her (why didn't I do any of the visiting I wonder) we lived in Ohio and we sent some Amish things. We lived in Wooster Ohio at the time and the Wooster Brush company made quality bushes of all kinds. It so happened that the host father was an artist and was pleased to recieve brushes. I sent special holiday paper napkins to my daughter in Paris because she was going to have a St Nick party for her family and the host mom was delighted with the napkins.

I always think other people come up with better ideas than I do in this area. But Levi's do always seem to be popular. Are there any board games that might be fun to share with them.

Wish I were heading for Paris or England -- have a great trip.

Barb in Grand Rapids