Subject: Re: need help with London
Hi Eveleyn:

You've received a lot of suggestions but I would like to wade in because I love London and would second the Ziner suggestion to take the London Walks tours. They are great fun and have so many themed walks, you'll find something to interest you. I've found the evening walks especially good - ghosts, Jack the Ripper and all that scary stuff.

The city has so much to offer that it's really difficult to pin down the must-sees. In town, visit the Tower of London (take the Underground to get there); Greenwich is on the "other" side of the Thames, Hampton Court is out of town - both are reachable by train from the Charing Cross Station. They will take up most of a day each. If you like museums, there's a huge choice including the biggies - The National Gallery, The National Portrait Gallery and the British Museum.

If you want to just walk around a beautiful neighbourhood, take the Underground to Sloane Square and walk around. Eaton Square, the Chelsea Hospital, beautiful town homes - a privileged neighbourhood and very restful.

There are some very nice restaurants on Charlotte Street (maybe Peter in London can confirm the name of this street?) off the Tottenham Court Road. Have a jolly good time.

Lucy in Toronto