Subject: Re: Trip to Tofino / Victoria / Vancouver
Hi Michele, I recently got back from that area, it took us about a half hour to cross the border, and we went before the big summer rush. From the Airport you will be at least two hours from the border, with no traffic. Then you gotta cross the border, who knows how long that might take on a Saturday, but I bet longer than you imagine since its the busy season. Then you gotta drive to the ferry, that's another hour because there always seems to be a lot of traffic. The crossing takes about an hour and then from Victoria its another 5 hours to Tofino. From Nanaimo its 3.

Tofino is awesome, you will enjoy it. Don't forget to hike through the Rainforests, they are unique and beautiful. If you can afford it, take the all day excursion to the natural hot spring on the Zodiac boat. You will see Eagles and Whales and get to walk through a rainforest (where I spied a baby Eagle) and finally come to the most beautiful hot springs with successively cooler pools going all the down to the Ocean. You sort of work your way up the pools to the hottest ones, it quite civilized!

Buchart Gardens is beautiful, you know your kids best but I bet they enjoy it. Lots of fun things to do in Victoria, just walking around the town is quite entertaining with all the street performers. Your kids will love it there. Another cool place to take them to would be the Sooke Potholes, you've got to see them to believe them. They are a lot cheaper than Buchart gardens. The Galloping Goose Trail is also fun if you like to bike ride.

Vancouver is fantastic, take your kids to Capilano suspension bridge, they will love it and so will you. Check out the cool gas clock in Gastown, visit all the neighborhoods, ride the seabus and visit the markets! Try everything! Have a blast, Amelia in Los Angeles