Subject: Re: need help with London
The bus tours that many cities have are always a good investment. It lets you see the layout of the city and what the top sites are. They are an especially good value if your hotel is near a stop - my sister and I used one in London when there was a tube strike and regular buses and taxi were hard to come by.

This also brings up one of my favorite London memories. During the strike, buses were often too full to allow people to get on. We stood near a stop and watched the people lined up (it may be a stereotype, but I swear people in England are the best at lining up of anyplace I've been!) The bus would slow and call out full and people just stood more or less patiently for the next. We were laughing because in our experience (I live outside Chicago - she lives outside NYC) - we weren't used to that kind of behavior during rush hour!

Marguerite in Chicagoland