Subject: Re: Trip to Tofino / Victoria / Vancouver
Hello Michelle,

I went to Seattle/Victoria/Vancouver 2 years ago. I found an excellent website giving restaurant reviews and locations for British Columbia. Supid me, I can't find it now. I hope I can find it on Thursday and post it for you.

Seattle - If you have time, Ride the Ducks is fun for the whole family. It's a way to see all of Seattle. The website is That was one of the highlights of my trip in July of 2001.

For lunch, I enjoyed eatting at Pike's Market because there are so many selections of restaurants and fresh food vendors. Don't miss the fish throwing.

For example: I liked "Three Girls Bakery" for there sandwhiches. The bread is homemade and the fillings are piled high. Best, it's not expensive.

I used "Seattle Cheap Eats", a book found in any bookstore. To research my Seattle dining.

Victoria - Buchart Gardens was beautiful and the Fireworks in the evening are spectacular. If you have a chance to view it, go to the gardens late in the afternoon around 4pm stopping to grab a picnic dinner. The locals bring a picnic and a blanket to sit on the lawn. People start looking for a spot on the lawn around 6:30pm for the 10pm fireworks show. If you don't have a blanket, the Gardens sell them for $10 CDN for a wool one or $5 CDN for a plastic one. I can't remember exactly if the money value is correct but it should be in the ballpark.

Eating in Victoria - I recommend Barb's Fish and Chip. Since you are staying in Victoria, you can grab a little boat bus for $2 CDN per person for the short ride to Barb's or you can drive. Here's Barb's webpage If you like Fish and Chips Barb's is the place. It also has burgers and sandwhiches. If you are leaving on Sunday, be sure to catch the water ballet the little boats do in the morning around 9am. It's in front of the Express Hotel. And it's free.

Vancouver - The suspension bridge was fun for me. I like to walk across and jump up and down in the middle. It shook a bit but not much. I didn't spend much time in Vancouver, so I can't recommend many things.

I will try to find the restaurant review webpage tomorrow.

Enjoy your trip.


Nancy San Jose, CA