Subject: Re: Small Town in Italy
Hi Brenda,


Take the Eurostar train from Rome to Florence. From the train station in Florence, cross the road to the Seta bus station and take a Rapido bus to Siena, The bus trip is one hour of air conditioned comfort ... with spectacular scenery to boot. The bus terminal in Siena is an easy 4 minute walk from city centre. (The train station on the other hand is miles away.) It seems to me that Ziners have recommended Albergo Duomo for accommodation in Siena ... this is also very central. Siena is, as another Ziner wrote, magical.

Timing of a visit to Siena should be mindful of the Palio. You may wish to experience it (and need to book early) OR you may choose to avoid it. Here's one Website with palio info'. festivals_events/palio.html. The next runnning is in mid-August.



Again, take the Eurostar train from Rome to Florence and then take a taxi or the local bus up the hill to this charming little town that overlooks Florence. It's quiet and peaceful and lovely.


San Gimignano!

When I visited I took a bus from Siena. I imagine that it would be accessible by bus from Florence. San Gimignano is an absolutely charming mediaval town.

Best wishes.

Lesley Toronto, Canada