Subject: Re: Tofino/Vancouver/Victoria
Hi Michelle

It's been many years since we were in Tofino but I have one daughter who adores it and manages to get there a few days during the year to surf.

I imagine your first ferry ride is to Nanaimo as this will then give you about a 3hour drive to Tofino rather than the 5 hours from Victoria. For a reservation to be honoured on the ferry you must check in at least 30minutes prior to sailing.

You and you family will love Victoria but, unlike others, I'm not so sure that you would want to spend the time at Butchart gardens as you are only there 1 night. It is quite close to the ferry terminal and also close to the Butterfly farm (if interested) so you might consider something on your way out of town. Of course an evening there with the fireworks would be great if you feel you can handle the time.

I agree that walking around Victoria is great fun at this time of year and perhaps your kids would enjoy a ride on the double decker tour bus.

The fish'n chips idea is great and I'd also like to suggest that, right begind the Empress, is "The old Spaghetti factory" with loads of pastas etc. at wonderful prices. Nice but certainly not fancy but could be just the kind of place your kids would like after a long day of driving in from Tofino!

It's hard to suggest actual restaurants in Vancouver as there are so many wonderful places. Do remember the many ethnic places that are often excellent and excellent value.

Have a wonderful trip.

Judy Abbotsford BC