Subject: Re: Car rentals in England
Hi Judy,

Car rental in England is treacherous. There doesn't seem to be a consistent 'best buy'. One key issue is whether you can drive a manual shift - if so, you can usually save quite a bit. Another issue is air conditioning. If you're 'off-peak' you can usually skip that too.

My approach is to start with Breezenet I find the best price there, then check the car company sites too. About 50% of time, Breezenet is best. BUT, not always. Alamo is usually cheaper on Breezenet, but Hertz has a great deal - if you pay in advance (when reserving) they usually give a discount (10-20%). You only get this over the phone, so call and check after you've found your best rate. Ironically, when I tried yesterday the prepay option was MORE expensive (they couldn't explain it), so I ended up renting from Thrifty, who were the cheapest - and they give 'over 55's' a 10% discount.

So my last three UK rentals were Alamo, Hertz and now Thrifty! Also, be careful of 'unknown' companies. Some are reliable, but they are usually away from the airport and could take a fair amount of time to pick you up.

Safe driving, Alan Gardner