Subject: Exploring the remote islands of the So. Atlantic
Hi Ziners:

We had, this late winter, what was probably the most fantastic trip we have ever taken, 38 days on the small Lindblad Expeditions ship, the ENDEAVOUR, covering 83 degrees of latitude and exploring the Falklands, South Georgia, Gough, Tristan da Cunha, Nightingale, St. Helena, Boatswain Bird Island, the Cape Verde Islands, and the Canary Islands with 55 passengers, 7 naturalists, 4 guest lecturers/classical musicians (including David Breashears of Everest/IMAX fame), wonderful food supplied by 4 Swedish chefs, and the incredible experiences that Lindblad provides by Zodiac landings and explorations. They will do this same trip again in 2004 and we recommend it to all Ziners! We will send more information about specifics in a few days.

Cheers, Pat and Bill in Baltimore