Subject: Re: Grand Canyon South Rim - Las Vegas suggestion??
Hi Frances, They might enjoy the Grand canyon Caverns, which are close, and require a drive on the historic Route 66 as a bonus! The caves are nice and cool.

Havasupai Falls are off this part of Route 66 as well, they are supposed to be magnificant, and are a tad difficult to get to since it requires an 8 mile hike in. Naturally, the best things often require effort!

>From here they might enjoy Laughlin, its kind of like Vegas was long ago (smaller) and its right on the Colorado River so its scenic. There is plenty of gambling, and lots of hotels around as well.

Of course, if they wanted to drive a bit, they could drive around the east side of the Grand Canyon(an incredible drive) and on up to Zion National Park. From Zion its pretty close to Vegas, maybe 3 hours. Lake Powell is another great suggestion, I would definately visit Antelope Canyon there, its one incredibly beautiful slot canyon! I like the lower corkscrew canyon, it is interesting to see and easy to get in and out of, since the Navajo tribe that owns these canyons put ladders in to help.

Hope this helps, Amelia in Los Angeles