Subject: Re: Car rentals in England
Hi Judy,

Another Ziner mentioned Auto Europe, somewhat in passing. I have used Auto Europe a number of times, in England and elsewhere in Europe, and have had uniformly good experiences with them. They are I guess what you would call a broker, as they are not the company from which you actually rent a car. In dealing with them, we have gotten cars from Avis, Sixt, and other well known rental companies. We've also never found a better deal than with Auto Europe. They're usually the first company I call, and when they ask if I would like to book at their quoted price, I tell them I would like to shop around to make sure the price is a good one before I sign up. They then usually tell me that if I find a better rate, they'll beat it, and they have always done that when I've found a lower price. So, you might want to consider putting them on your list of candidates.

Hope this is of some use, and that you're successful with whatever company you choose.

JKJ in Houston.