Subject: Need your strategy for Paris
Guten Tag Ziners,

My in-laws and 2 of their outlaw friends are meeting my wife and me in France for 11 days beginning Aug 29th. Since my wife and I live in Frankfurt, Germany, we are the appointed trip organizers. First, we are doing the wine school at l'Ecole du Vin in Bordeaux (days 1-6, Fri-Thur) and then Paris (days 7-11, Fri-Tue). I have a schedule pretty well figured out for Bordeaux (but always grateful for any of your tips!!). However, Paris is another story.

There is so much in Paris, I was wondering how you have segmented Paris into managable daily bites that provide a memorable (if not thorough) experience for, essentially, first timers. How do you / did you tackle it? What worked? What didn't?

If you have the same experience in planning travel for others (incld. family) that I have, a clear schedule of what to expect helps reduce the stress on the organizer and participants. That's my motivation to organizing Paris rather than just jumping in.

Specific tips or general strategies welcome!


Frankfurt Brian