Subject: Re: Advice on Buenos Aires
Dear Mark,

One of the reasons why most tourists take flights from Buenos Aires to other destinations is because our train system is very inefficient and as distances are usually long, people donīt want to waste time on a bus. For example, you could go to Iguazu Falls by bus and it will take you around 20 hours (whereas the flight takes only 1:40 hr). Perhaps you wouldnīt mind spending 20 so long on the bus, as long as the view along the road was interesting. The truth is that there is not much to see, so in this case I strongly suggest you go by plane.

Anyway, there are many other possibilities you can consider and here are some suggestions:

In Buenos Aires: - Within the province of Buenos Aires, you can visit Tigre. This is around 12 miles away from the city and even though itīs become very popular among tourists, you can find the way to get off the tourist circuit. You can stay at a bed and breaskfast in the city or choose an island for an overnight stay. In order to get to Tigre, you can take a train from Retiro station in BA, a regular bus or taxi/remis.

- Luján, Capilla del Seņor, San Antonio de Areco: Iīve recently visited Areco and itīs a very picturesque town rich in gaucho culture. If you are interested in argentine tradition but prefer something less touristy than a gaucho party, then Areco or Capilla del Seņor may suit your needs.

Other provinces: - Córdoba: green hills and lakes. Long distance buses take 8 hours. - Mendoza: itīs the most important wine region in Argentina, located next to the Andes. Buses take 12 hours. - Entre Rios: Concordia offers a complex of thermal water. Itīs famous among argentineans but few foreigners know about it. Buses take around 6 hours.

I suggest you visit Argentinaīs official website for tourism: where you will be able to find a lot of useful information.

Cintia Buenos Aires, Argentina