Subject: PEI, Cape Breton (Cabot Trail), Nova Scotia
Hi Collette and Ian, Gary, Carol and Ziners,

When Collette and Ian said Please remember that you are always welcome in Halifax they reminded us that we have not dedicated enough of our travel time to this country. Well, that's about to change! We're thinking about a three-week (or longer) driving trip from Toronto, beginning mid-September.

Ziners, we know that many of you have visited the Maritimes and we'd like your help with our itinerary (including recommended overnight stays, comfortable driving distances), eating places, gems to see and other tips you think would be important for us to know.

Gary: In the research we've done so far, we came across this web site, which you might find useful even though the travelogue is old:

A Bike Tour in the Maritimes

Thanks, as always, for your help. Regards, Don and Linda