Subject: Re: Self drive Barge in France
Hi Barbara,

My husband and I rented a boat last June for 2 weeks starting just south of Arles and ending just south of Toulouse. It was 2 one week cruises back to back so that we wouldn't have to go back over our trail! We enjoyed it so much that we're doing it again in Belgium. this September. This years boat is rented through LeBoat. As I'm not home yet I can't remember the name of the company we used last year but if you try it'll give you a start in the right direction. We manage with just the 2 of us on the locks but of course if you're traveling with another couple life is much easier. We like it because you see so much from the canals that you would never see from your car! After 2 weeks we picked up quite a few tricks and hopefully we will remember them this year.

Hope this sends you in the right direction!

With kind regards, Jane, Boca Raton but currently in Acadia National Park, Maine