Subject: Travel books
Hi Ziners, When we're not travelling, we're reading about travelling. What travel books do Ziners read that excite your imagination, outside of the usual Frommer's, Fodor's, Michelin and Go! (wherever) tour guides? I like reading Theroux, because I'm always amazed at how unprepared he seems to be before setting out, Bryson can be fun, Bettina Selby is quite courageous, Colin Thubron visits place that are exotic and Tim Severin has a very different take on travel. My current favourite is Susan Cahill's Discovering Italy. We always try to buy books set in the locale that we are visiting so we can immerse ourselves in the atmosphere. For example, in January I read The Old Man and the Sea while on a cruise ship passing by Cuba.

We're heading out to the cottage for two weeks with a stack of books including The Man Who Broke Out of the Bank...and went for a walk in France by Miles Morland.

Recommendations on what to read in the midst of the travel doldrums? Lucy (in Toronto but not for long)