Subject: Re: Travel Books
Good Evening All,

Some books I've read recently and thoroughly enjoyed:

>From the Ground Up, The Story of A First Garden, Amy Stewart, looks like a gardening book but they lived in Santa Cruz and it's as much fun reading about Santa Cruz as it is her garden. May be out of print as I picked it up at the Publisher's Warehouse store in Monterey.

Best Foot Forward, From La Rochelle to Lake Geneva -- the Misadventures of an Englishwoman, Susie Kelly. I ordered this little book when getting something else from UK (it doesn't appear to be available over here (US). Loved reading about her trek across part of France. The woman is made of much sturdier stuff than I am.

Walking to Canterbury, Jerry Ellis. A lot of history included.

Traveling While Married, Mary-Lou Weisman (How to take a trip with your spouse and come back together). At first I was a bit disappointed, but by the time I'd finished the little book, I'd thoroughly enjoyed it. Fantastic sense of humor. Finished this one and From the Ground Up on our flight back from CA.

I'm not sure if they'd fall under a 'travel book' heading, but I just read the four No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency books by Alexander McCall Smith. Precious Ramotswe's detective agency is in Botswana. Delightful books to take on a trip for fun reading.

Last, I just started another Deborah Crombie book. Haven't read one of hers for a while and I'd forgotten how wonderful her descriptions of England are. This one is Mourn Not Your Dead. So far, very good. They'd been shopping at Waterstones in the shopping center when the victim came to an untimely end. Certainly one of my favorite places.

Happy reading while travelling,

Peggy * SW Ohio