Subject: Travel insurance
Hi Diana of the broken leg!

Hey, I really agree with you re: Kaiser. My husband has ended up in ER rooms on several occasions and they have promptly reimbursed. No problems.

We have used Diver's Alert Network (http://www.diversalertnetwork) at $44 family rate per year for evacuation insurance. They were marvelous the one occasion we had to use it. My husband got sick in Tibet, we did get to Kathmandu and with the help of the travel agent there (Kathmandu Travel and Tours: and the doc we found through them and IAMAT ( and DAN, we came home Business class (as the doc felt this would work better for my husband) which DAN promptly reimbursed. DAN has no age limit and you don't have to dive!

Anyway, hopefully will be recover quickly and be back in Paris or wherever!

Jo, the Sunnyvale Kid.