Subject: Re: Minneapolis, Mn.
Hello Carol in San Antonio TX,

even though i now live in jerusalem, perhaps i can give you some ideas about minneapolis. depending on where your hotel is located, you may be able to walk to the Walker Art center and the adjoining sculpture gardens. minneapolis is on the mississippi river and the riverfront is interesting to stroll just to see the buildings and water traffic. the mall of the america is very big but has different parts to it besides the mall. there is a giant amusement park in one section, a legoland in another but my favorite is the aquarium.

downtown is somewhat close to lake of the isles and lake calhoun and during the summer there are sail boats, canoes and lots of people jogging and walking on the paths around the lakes.

the minneapolis art institute is within a taxi drive away but if you have nice weather and are a stroller, i would pack a lunch and water and something to sit and head to the city lakes to people watch.

you might want to check on line to see if the guthrie theater is performing and if anything suits your taste.

minnesota was settled by the scandinavians and there may still be an exhibit at the swedish american institute. i have been in israel for ten years now so i may not be up to date on every item. i was at the aquarium in march and it was just fantastic if you appreciate aquariums and my daughter has already purchased tickets for my visit mid august.

bettina in jerusalem