Subject: RE: Scotland

Eileen Donan is your wife's ancestral home? Oh, my, that's one of the most photographed castles in the world!

Located on the A87 where three lochs come together, on the way to Skye, the present site is a faithful recreation of the original 13th century castle which survived many MacDonald raiding parties over the years but was almost destroyed by the English in 1720 or so. It is today the heart's home of the Clan MacRae. It's open for tours April-September daily. My sister the shopper fussed because you had to go thru the castle tour to get to the gift shop, but the castle alone is well worth the visit, never mind the shop. Even after the open season, you can stop for photos or clamber up the hills opposite for some fine views of the lochs. Sometimes the ambience is somewhat shattered by the presence of a bright blue dumpster on the east side of the castle. Hard to shoot moody photos around that thing!

>From Inverness, it's a southwesterly drive (& yes, a car's a good idea) along Loch Ness, then west.

Gail Whose clan forebears are the wily MacDonalds & MacNeils of the Hebrides