Subject: Paris restaurants in the 7th arr

I was very fortunate to spend 5 months in Paris. My project stunk (bad team chemistry), but the setting made it all worthwhile. I kept a running list of restaurants I visited and others that were recommended to me. These are among the places I have for the 7th arr (note that I was there in 1997 so some information may no longer be current):

Apollon (Greek), 24 Rue Jean Nicot, metro Invalides or Latour Maubourg Chez l' Ami Jean (Basque), 27 Rue Malar, metro Latour Maubourg Les Olivades (Provencal), 41 Avenue de Segur, metro Ecole Militaire or Segur Le Petit Nicois (fish - best bouillabaise I had in Paris), 10 Rue Amelie, metro Latour Maubourg Pegoty's (tea room with nice Sunday brunch), 79 Avenue Bosquet, metro Ecole Militaire Poujauran (my favorite bakery), 20 Rue Jean Nicot, metro Latour Maubourg.

If you want picnic supplies, visit La Grande Epicerie de Paris, the food shop in the Bon Marche department store at 22 Rue de Sevres, metro Sevres-Babylon. I also frequented the organic market on Sunday mornings along Blvd Raspail near Sevres-Babylon metro.

Bon appetit!

Mark Los Angeles