Subject: Tour de France/Santiago de Campostela
Hi Ziners, This is for future reference because we are always looking for somewhere to go.

Are there any Ziners who have been to France during the Tour, to follow all or parts of it? This is a destination holiday that has intrigued us for many years but we haven't yet done the trip. It strikes me as requiring a lot of planning and early mornings. I'd love to hear from any Ziners who have experienced it to find out what the logistics involve. How much in advance do you have to plan? How difficult is it to find lodgings? and so on, and so on.

Another trip is the Santiago walk. I've read a lot of travel articles about it but they always strike me as sanitized versions of what really goes on. Any Ziner advice or information here?

Would love to hear from Ziners who have done either of these (in whole or part) or know of people who have made the trips. Lucy in Toronto