Subject: Re: Cheap air Madrid to Barcelona
Hi Graciela,

the only airlines flying between Madrid and Barcelona are IBERIA, Spanair and AirEuropa

The price for a return ticket in October, with Iberia, is 67 Euro, including taxes ( E-ticket ).

AirEuropa has been advertising a new product, Flypass. It is a pass for 5 flights within continental Spain. The normal price is 59 Euros per flight or 70 Euros in Business Class. I have checked the same schedule as with Iberia (flying on the 15th of October, returning on the 10th of November), and the price of a return flight is 90 Euros. But ... AirEuropa is changing their prices and they are beginning to sell just one leg flights, so they could be interesting (45,45 Euros).

And then Spanair. I like them because they give you breakfast in the morning flights, even if itīs only 40 minutes, and sometimes you can evenget chocolate. Their prices are similar to Iberia, 60 Euro plus 10,90 in taxes.

The Madrid-Barcelona flight is, probably, the only one in Spain where you can substantial discounts. There are three companies fighting for a big market, and in a year or two (if the problems in the Monegros stop happening), there will be a high-speed train connecting the two cities, with stops in Zaragoza and Lerida, and that will hurt them.

You are right in flying. Due to the works for that high-speed train, passengers from Madrid to Barcelona have to disembark in Zaragoza and change stations. There are buses there for the transfer, but it is not very nice having to get down, once you have got used to your seat :))

Kind regards, Covadonga Bilbao - Spain