Subject: Spain hotels
Hello, I am planning a trip to Spain, more carefully than in the past. From Madrid we are taking the train to Caceres, then driving to Trujillo, Merida, Zafra, (a couple of free nights probably to be spent in Seville or Cordoba) then Jaen, then Ubeda, then Almagro on our way back to Madrid.

1)From Madrid we are flying to Barcelona back and forth. Because Iberia will not give us an open jaw ticket (we are using American Airlines miles).

We shall be using the Paradores in most cases, taking advantage whenever possible of their Aņos Dorados promotion. In Caceres, we are planning to stay in the Hotel Iberia, in Trujillo in the Hotel Victoria. In Seville in the Casa de la Juderia in Barcelona, in the Husa Barcelona. I do not know personally the Hotel Iberia in Caceres and I am wondering if any one can give me more information. Any cons? I know the pro the rate and the location.

2) I hate to drive back to Madrid in order to get the plane to Barcelona, but I see no other feasable way of returning the car and getting to Barcelona. Any suggestions?

Thank you. Graziella in Miami Beach