Subject: Re: British Airways or Iberia
Hi Graziella,

Go for British Airways every time.

Last year we were on Iberia flights round trip from New York to Madrid (luckily the first and last legs, from San Francisco to New York were on American) and found the flight extremely uncomfortable.

The planes were either Airbus A330s or A340s and the seats, in addition to having very little leg room, seemed to be an inch or two shorter under our thighs, so that by the end of the flight we both had a bit of leg numbness. (I hate all the Airbus models - United flys A320s cross country all the time now and I can't avoid them.) The flight was packed and the service, by the all-male flight crew, was efficient but very brusque and unfriendly.

I was pretty annoyed at the New York Iberia ground personnel also. Because the gate in New York for our arriving American flight was occupied, the plane had to park at a different terminal, and, because of construction, we had to go outside of security to get to the Iberia flight. That wasn't their fault, but the Iberia people in New York kept yelling at some of the older people making the very long walk to hurry up or the plane would leave without them. They really stressed out a lot of people and I'm surprised that there wasn't at least one heart attack.

In the future, I'll take an extra connection to avoid Iberia.

Regards, Al Sonoma, CA, USA