Subject: Brugge
Hi Ziners

We had an enjoyable 2 weeks in Brugge, the only downside for me were the cobble stones! After only 10 minutes of walking my hips were agonising, I really did find it very uncomfortable, (Geoff thinks it is because I have such small feet)!

We liked the apartment very much but for one sofa which was very stained. We did not see much of Ann and Nico, the owners of the property, (very nice people), as they left for Italy not long after we arrived, therefore we could not complain at the time.

John (San Diego), we love Cape gooseberries, we were watching them rotting in a supermarket day after day and were thinking of you.

We did notice some of the small shops and some restaurants were closed due to school holidays, just like Paris in August, a lot of the locals left Brugge.

I just can't not mention the CHOCOLATE SHOPS, I think the only one we did not try was Godiva as I don't like them. My absolute favourite, as on a previous day visit to Brugge, is The Chocolate Line. Dumon was also good, the lady behind the counter was a delight and very proud that her son made the chocolates. Our last visit there she was so pleased to let us know that Rick Steves and visited the shop the previous day before flying off to Paris.

We try not to travel July and August because of the crowds (we can go any time) but this break was to celebrate Geoff's 60th birthday, we had a ball and did not find it too busy.

Keep safe Linda & Geoff Wales