Subject: Web site for Venice and / or Florence stores?
Hi Ziners,

My very few regrets from my time in Venice and Florence relate to the things I *didn't* buy believe it or not!

I'm hoping someone could help me out with a web site (in English even better) for a store or stores that sell (and will post to Australia):

(a) those little goldfish-in-a-bowl glass trinkets that you see in almost every shop window in Venice

(b) the beautiful writing utensils/pens with coloured glass nibs/inkwells, and also the leather-bound blank writing books, that I saw in many shop windows in Venice and in Florence.

They would be absolutely perfect for some special relatives of mine this Christmas... :)

Megan, Brisbane, Australia where we are having a cold snap! (0oC by night to 20oC by day - Darwin still 32oC by day though!)