Subject: Paris info
Hi Diana and Ziners --

August is a strange month in Paris -- many Parisians are away, taking their annual vacation to the countryside or the beach. Residential parts of the city are very quiet -- but the main sights (such as the Eiffel Tower, Louvre etc ) will be mobbed with tourists (many are Europeans who are taking THEIR August vacation). Many places are open, including cafes, restaurants and the sights, although some do close for the month. One never really knows what's open and what's closed (tourist-oriented businesses near the main sights are generally open year 'round).

Paris has very changeable weather, unlike San Diego, which is warm and sunny almost all the time, right? So one has to be prepared for almost anything. (Lately we've had wonderful weather: mild and mostly sunny, coming after a period of hot weather, broken by rain storms.) August can get very hot. October is much cooler and more likely to see rain; bring a raincoat and sweater.

October also is likely to be cheaper than August, as the tourist season is mostly over. (In August prices are often higher because of the flood of tourists; however with tourism down, especially among Americans, prices might be moderated. Note: a new survey now says Paris is the most expensive city in Europe, more so than London. I don't quite believe that; obvously doesn't take into account property prices, which are sky high in London. But that's another story.)

Hope this helps a little.

Bons voyages! Evan in Paris